Expertise and industry understanding

HOFFMANN THINN assists clients in a variety of industries. Our lawyers have solid expertise and broad experience in a wide range of legal disciplines, with a focus on real estate, general business law and litigation. With timely response  and thoroughness we assist through all stages of the case.

Help - before it is needed

Our job is to see the whole picture and identify the problems before they occur. Together with the client, HOFFMANN THINN finds the right solutions for the best possible result, whether it be real estate projects, transactions, restructuring of companies or disputes.

To the point

Modern working tools and efficient organization benefit our clients through competitive conditions. HOFFMANN THINN is a cost-effective alternative to the larger business law firms.

Our areas of expertise

Our lawyers have a commercial approach and complement each other with their specialized knowledge. Together, this enables HOFFMANN THINN to assist both private and public companies in solving complex legal issues and processes.

Commercial real estate

HOFFMANN THINN provides comprehensive assistance to professional players on the commercial real estate market. Our transaction experience and thoroughness ensures steady progress throughout the process from preparation, bidding, due diligence, contract negotiation and all through settlement. We also assist property owners in their day-to-day operations, including negotiations or disputes regarding rental conditions, as well as in development projects for both business and housing.

Transactions / M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes regardless of industry.
Our attorneys assist both buyers and sellers throughout the process from planning to settlement. HOFFMANN THINN also carries out due diligence on behalf of both buyers and sellers.
HOFFMANN THINN also assists in planning and executing inheritance and other wealth transfers.

Corporate law

Our lawyers assist the day-to-day management and owners at all stages of the company's life cycle. We have extensive experience with start-ups, financing and capitalization, mergers & acquisitions, reorganizations and liquidation. HOFFMANN THINN's attorneys also provide assistance to management and owners in connection with fraud, corporate governance and other corporate disputes.

Contract law

Solid work on contracts provide the best guarantee against later disputes and unforeseen additional costs. A thorough and expertly rooted approach ensures the best result, whether it be negotiations or a dispute over contractual matters. HOFFMANN THINN assists at any stage of the contract process.

Labor law

HOFFMANN THINN assists both employers and employees in connection with employment issues or employment disputes, including downsizing, redundancies and business transfers.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

HOFFMANN THINN assists companies and creditors in connection with restructuring and bankruptcy. With solid expertise in finance, restructuring, bankruptcy and seizure law, repossession and board liability, we support management, owners and creditors through critical phases for the company.

Real estate and construction

HOFFMANN THINN has extensive procedural experience from real estate disputes, expropriation and land change. We also assist in real estate development and construction law, as well as in contract negotiations, final settlement and claims handling in construction projects.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers regularly litigate cases before the courts. By seeing the big picture and seeking alternative solutions with the client, we also find that the client's goal can often be achieved without a more time-consuming and costly legal process. HOFMMANN THINN will always make recommendations to ensure the best possible financial results overall.

Our lawyers